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whatever you like – acoustic version

make sure to wear your prettiest dress!

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One Year Ago Today

n18903206_34014060_4896n18905101_34017112_3567n18903206_34014061_5928I was in the Castro, celebrating the election of Barack Obama. I will never forget this night.

old timey as what

4068262163_1265e171ca_mphoto from liz’s birthday party. mask belongs to max.

this is called “placement”:


David:  the real question is: will the girl who was michaelangelo from ninja turtles that i charmed so well last night accept my god damn friend request already?

me:  hahahaa! that sentence places you so well! i am going to blog it.


halloween 2009

15444_605714396520_18903722_36146198_311701_ndead bird and/or raven/black swan.